A Cynical Look on Fraud

Ahh yes, downloading freedom. In fact, according to baydownloads, they give the user such downloading freedom that they have just about every file you can think of. They even have files that just don't seem to exist anywhere else! Just try typing "ffdsaanjj!!nns" into the search bar on their site when you aren't logged in as a member. I think you will be pleased to find several results come up with randomly generated download speeds on the right. When you do find that sdsdiiaaahhhqqq.iso file that you just can't seem to find anywhere else, and with a download speed of 1204kb/s, giving the download a shot only seems to be the next logical step. I mean just look at what anonymous people say about it!

February 2, 2008

Just wanted to write in saying thank you to the support team, I had a problem installing [a game] and they told me what I was doing wrong. Very professional support team -- thanks!"

January 28, 2007

Your support team rocks! I get a responce in less than 15 minutes"

-Taken directly from www.baydownloads.com

After the download seems to pend legitimately, all that stands between you and that qqqzzzxxxiii.iso file is a $4 three day trial! Go ahead and go through all of the fine print on this matter, you will be delighted to know that there are no catches or additional fees in the writing, because there isn't any fine print! A straightforward $4 trial fee is all it takes. After searching so long, it may just be worth the $4 to download this file.

After signing up, you will read a wonderful receipt in your email letting you know that you have gotten the bonus of a completely unrelated porn subscription! And it only cost you an additional $40! What a deal! You even get to find out that they intend to charge you another $40 in three days time, isn't that just wonderful?

And the best part of all, when you look for your file and it is nowhere to be found on the website after you are logged in. In fact, click on any file on the site. Any one at all. They don't actually seem to have any files. What they do have are some links to filefront, and other legit services that will allow you do use their free user program to download the files, half of which have been removed. Also, the download speeds next to the lists of files they do point to don't seem to be correlated to anything, because you would have to pay these other services to get download speeds anywhere near the amounts that are posted. You even get to find out that the pending page you used to try and download the file you were originally looking for is the same in all cases and even if you were to get to he page while logged in, you are informed that you need to sign up with the service or log in to download the file. You can probably assume that this is because the page is a fake.

Maybe you should spend some time contacting the user support and billing services that never seem to reply or respond.

Time to call that Credit Card Company
Don't you just love fraud, false advertising, and theft?


Greg said...

That's why you check every business with the bbb when you spend money on the internet! www.bbb.org

Most places have ratings, but I'd be even more afraid if they aren't listed at all (like Baydownloads)

Mr. Sam said...

Right, they aren't listed.