A Cynical Look on the election

Today, America has made a great step in some direction. Where that direction is, many people seem to be confused about. I'm going to take this opportunity to help these poor people clear this confusion up.
One: Obama was elected.
Two: Obama has socialist tendencies.
And therefore, Three: America has elected a man with socialist tendencies.
With these things, it's easy to tell that socialism is on the rise in America. And socialism is going to cause me to actually have money, even though I have the drive of a Lamborghini with all the parts removed. Thank you, everyone who is going to do work to supply me with my unearned money, I love you all.
You might say hey, that isn't fair, and you might be right. It's cynical, and if you don't like cynicism, you may be reading the wrong blog.

McCain has an amazingly well written concession speech for a man who a week ago predicted certain victory. It's like he didn't believe the amazing quantities of worthlessness that came out of his mouth. Though he somehow managed to take more than three minutes to say, "I lost, you're all f'd, Obama is going to doom this country." in a politicians way.

Now for two cynical predictions.
America will drift away from the capitalistic tendencies that have made this country great.
Obama will be a president that helps provide me far more to be cynical about.


André said...

Funny as it looks like you have a radical phobia to socialism. I'm european, and so socialism is part of our daily life. We're still free and democratic. We're not comunist, we're capitalist. In my case, I consider myself a liberal capitalist. Of course I admit socialism has its problems, but I think it's a more advanced way of government than your sheer wild capitalism, it's a more human philosophy. People help other people, no one is left behind; instead of the animal "life or death" game. Oh, and when you say capitalism made america the "Greatest Country in the World"... Well, it depends of your definition. For me the greatest countries are Norway and Iceland. Greatness is not measured in gold or bullets, greatness has to do with human/scientific andvance and people's general confort...
Anyway, good luck with your blog...

Mr. Sam said...

I suppose that is why in Norway, the oldest companies, the companies that were formed when Norway was still a mostly capitalist society, are still the most powerful. The GDP growth rate in Norway is pitiful, and its socialist health care system relies on America's competitive system to provide it with the health at a reasonable price.

FY707 said...

Well, I feel everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, I also feel that if you are going to quote me, you should probably quote something I said, rather than something I didn't say. Greatness has many measures, yes, and that is why I did not, have not, and will not call any country the greatest in the world.