A Cynical Look on Taxes

Well, now Obama has been elected, and the super rich can look forward to paying more for doing their jobs well. Obviously success should be punished, and failure should be rewarded. Of course here in America, we can justify it by claiming, as most progressive tax supporters do, that the rich "get more from the government." Everyone knows that the government provides those private schools, security guards, lawyers, electricity, water, and employees. Since obviously this isn't true, why should being a success be punished?
This is America, where the competent few are outmatched by the incompetent many. Welcome to a representative republic, everyone. Don't be more successful than everyone else, or they'll simply vote to give your success to them.


Acshi said...

You forgot one large thing in your list of things to be cynical on.


Be cynical to yourself! At least that way it will make it easier to look past your bias.

Mr. Sam said...

Hah, our list of things to be Cynical on is endless, and I assure you Cynicism itself will come up one day.