A Cynical Look on Idiots continued part 2

Without further adieu, part 2. My pathetic dodge of his request to talk on the phone is pathetic, I know. My random tangent should be worth a laugh, though.

Prince Allen,

Surry, but I cunt call you, as I am def. I also cunt halp you move out of Africa until I sea this gold and funds. I'm surry, but scammers are everwhare. Even in my closet, tied up and gutted, slowly dripping their life giving blood into an ever-expanding pool on my floor. I know you aren't a scammer, becuz you sent me valid ID cards. However, I'ze not halping you cuz ur a nice guy, I'ze halping you cuz you gots goldses.

Insolently Yours,

Dr. Samuel Carson Adam Mitchell

From: "princeallen01@aol.com"
To: fy808yf@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, June 8, 2010 6:30:34 AM
Subject: Re: UPDATE ME (ASAP)

Hello Dr. Samuel Carson Adam Mitchell

I thank you for helping me, I thank you for the time and I appricate your kindness of my mind, I want you to know that I contacted you by faith, you don't know me and I don't know you before, I need a trustworthy who can help me and my sister out of Africa, and also help me to invest my gold and funds.
You may be wondring how can this happen? I have been to the security company for further informations regarding the release of my consignment boxes, the Director said that my late father made an understatement that the three trunk boxes have to be invested in a foriegn country, this is why I need your help.

Can you come to Accra Ghanaa? I will present you to the company as my new beneficiary,the company is ready to send you an invitation letter, so we can go for the claims of my consignment boxes, after we have claim the boxes you will take me and my sister to your country, there we can futher our education and you will help us to invest the gold and the funds in real estate and hotel, you can also bring more advice.
This is the requirement of the company, we need a changing of ownership document in your name and Affidavit of claims from the Supreme high court of justice Accra Ghana, this documents is what we are going to present to the company for the release of my consignment boxes.

We need a lawyer to handle this for us, I am not asking you to trust me, I just want you to give me a try and I promise you I will never fail you, I am helpless here and I need your help, this is a copy of I and my sister refugee Id cards, this is my number 00233 54061 7463 please call me so we can talk.

I haVe many things to disclose to you, I need your honesty promise me if you can accept me and my sister in your country, I have to go back to the camp now, I wait to hear from you.
With regards
Prince Allen Shehan

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